Ten Lectures on Mind and Language, by Mark Turner

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Copyright © Mark Turner 2009
These lectures were delivered by Mark Turner in May 2009,
when he was the forum speaker for the Seventh China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics.
They were originally published as a book in the
Eminent Linguists Lecture Series, 世界著名语言学家系列讲座。

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Download audio or audiovisual recordings of the lectures, from China.

Lecture One
Human Meaning 人类的意义
Lecture Two
Conceptual Integration 概念整合
Lecture Three
Double-Scope Cognition 双域认知
Lecture Four
Mental Packing and Unpacking 心理打包和解包
Lecture Five Big Ideas 纵思千古
Lecture Six
Working in the Mental Network      运用心理网络
Lecture Seven     
Frame Blends 框架整合
Lecture Eight
Blended Stories 故事整合
Lecture Nine
The Nature of Language 语言的本质
Lecture Ten
Grammar 语法