More Than Cool Reason

From the University of Chicago Press

More than Cool Reason:
A Field Guide to Poetic Metaphor

George Lakoff and Mark Turner

"Likely to be the standard work in metaphor for some time to come."
- Donald Freeman, Poetics Today

"Probably the best introduction to the study of metaphors available to the student of literature."
- Jørgen Dines Johansen. The Semiotic Review of Books

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"The authors restore metaphor to our lives by showing us that it's never gone away. We've merely been taught to talk as if it had: as though weather maps were more 'real' than the breath of autumn; as though, for that matter, Reason was really 'cool.' What we're saying whenever we say is a theme this book illumines for anyone attentive."
- Hugh Kenner, Johns Hopkins University

"In this bold and powerful book, Lakoff and Turner continue their use of metaphor to show how our minds get hold of the world. They have achieved nothing less than a postmodern Understanding Poetry, a new way of reading and teaching that makes poetry again important."
- Norman Holland, University of Florida

"An ideal introductory primer to metaphor in any of a number of traditional departments, including English, linguistics, psychology, comparative literature, and second languages. . . . Enriches literary theory significantly . . ."
- Frank Nuessel, Metaphor and Symbolic Activity 5:4 (1990).

"Likely to be the standard work in metaphor for some time to come."
- Donald Freeman, Poetics Today Go to full review.

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